FDR Library and Museum

Story: Bryan Stephens
Photography: Bryan Stephens
Friday, June 7, 2019

Prior to his death in 1945 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt decided to leave his house and the surrounding property in Hyde Park, New York to the federal government to be turned into the FDR Presidential Library and Museum. The home is situated on the Hudson River and upon exiting the house after the tour you get a great view of the river. When Franklin Roosevelt died his wife Eleanor Roosevelt packed up her belongings and left everything else behind inside the house. The American federal government took over the property once Eleanor moved out and turned the house into a museum and kept all of the belongs as they were when the Roosevelts were there.

For admission there is a joint ticket price of $20. The ticket includes a tour of the house by a park ranger and admission to the museum building that was constructed on the building. The ticket is valid for entrance for two consecutive days. Within the house is all of the furniture used by the Roosevelts and some of Franklin Roosevelt’s collections. The collections within the house include political cartoon drawings that were published in newspapers and taxidermy birds that Franklin collected. Also inside the house is the Roosevelt’s personal library which contains hundreds of original books owned by the Roosevelt’s and the original elevator Franklin used after he became paralyzed from polio. Outside of the house is the graves of both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt with an American flag marking Franklin’s grave.

Inside of the Library and Museum there are series of rooms dedicated to different types of artifacts and events during Roosevelt’s time in office. Artifacts include items such as a piece of the USS Arizona which was sunk at Pearl Harbor, items that celebrated the repeal of prohibition, artifacts from the Great Depression and World War 2, and a car that was custom made for Franklin Roosevelt since he couldn’t use the peddles for the gas and brakes. Other artifacts include Eleanor’s engagement ring, Franklin’s White House desk, and his collection of art and model ships. Also within this building is FDR’s library which is made up of all of the documents from Franklin’s time in office which the National Archives sent to be stored within the museum. Anyone interested in doing research can request an appointment and which documents you would like to review.

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