Art Gallery

Keeping it Mobile at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Sally Toner

Fashion History Museum

Caroleen Molenaar
Human Body

Vagina Museum

Kate Howlett

Palazzo dei Diamanti and Pianacoteca Nazionale Ferrara

Francesca Orsatti
Art Gallery

The magnificent African American Art Galleries at the Detroit Institute of Arts

Carolina Betancur
Art Gallery

Williamson Art Gallery & Museum

David Hearn
Historical House

Apsley House Visit

Josh Provan
Cultural History

The Ragged School Museum

Peter Mitchell

Going Back to the Start: Halle State Museum of Prehistory

Martin Christ
Natural History

Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge

Kate Howlett
Historical House

Totnes Museum

Gill McEvoy

Where I Lay My Hat – Stockport’s Hat Works

Jake Sheppard

Museum of Rail Travel

Alexandra Haley

Peek & Poke Computer Museum

Jasper Visser

The contentious ‘Humboldt Forum’: Museums and the mediation

Samuel Aylett

The Anthropocene at the Valais Nature Museum

Gil Oliveira

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Apsley House Visit
Totnes Museum
Gibson House Museum - Historic, Authentic, Illuminating
The World of James Herriot
Reeves Museum
Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate