The Galata Museo del Mare

Heather Daveno
Art Gallery

Noguchi Museum

Anna Talley

North Carolina Maritime Museum

Megan Dohm
Natural History

Lascaux: Underground and Online

Samuel D. Pfister
Art Gallery

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Clifford Pereira FRGS
Art Gallery

D’ Orsay Museum

Margie Miklas

Tobacco Farm Life Museum

Beth Nevarez
Historical House

Jane Austen’s House Museum

Amanda Chua

Industrilandskapet of Norrköping: the Manchester of Sweden

Rowdy Geirsson

The Foundling Museum

Olivia Richardson

Museum of the Vanished: the Archaeological Museum and Culture

Helen Pugh

The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex

Jenny Rowan

James A. Ramage Civil War Museum

Diane E. Baumer
Historical House

Hampton Court – the Tudor Palace

Francesca Orsatti

Tolkien Exhibit: Where History and Fantasy Meet for Tea

Maxene Graze
Pop Culture

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Margie Miklas

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Jane Austen’s House Museum
Hampton Court – the Tudor Palace
Powis Castle and Garden
Nunnington Hall
Holst Birthplace Museum
Museu Etnográfic Casa Cristo & Museu Casa d’Areny-Plandolit