The archaeology category is to cover any museums where the main focus is on archaeology.

Sutton Hoo

Alison Dalby

London Mithraeum

Alexandra Gaffikin

The Capitoline Museum: A Jewel in Rome’s Crown

Brook Allen

Going Back to the Start: Halle State Museum of Prehistory

Martin Christ


Natalie Chomitz

The Oldupai Gorge Site Museum and Visitor Center

Robert Patalano

‘All that glisters…’ – The Hallaton Treasure at the Harborough Museum

Ellen Huxley

Petrie Museum

Katherine Roberts

Museo de Arqueología y Antropología UNMSM

Katia Salas

Swansea’s Egypt Centre

Dulcie Engel

Remembering Howard Carter at Swaffham Museum

Dulcie Engel

Museum of the Vanished: the Archaeological Museum and Culture

Helen Pugh

The Chesterholm Museum and Vindolanda

Niamh Banner

Tarapacá Museum and Geoglyphs of Chile

Norman Sung

These are a few of my favourite things: Avebury Stone Circle

Seren Kitchener

The Dinosaur Discovery Museum

Evan Johnson-Ransom