The archaeology category is to cover any museums where the main focus is on archaeology.

Sutton Hoo

Alison Dalby

London Mithraeum

Alexandra Gaffikin

The Capitoline Museum: A Jewel in Rome’s Crown

Brook Allen

Going Back to the Start: Halle State Museum of Prehistory

Martin Christ


Natalie Chomitz

The Oldupai Gorge Site Museum and Visitor Center

Robert Patalano

‘All that glisters…’ – The Hallaton Treasure at the Harborough Museum

Ellen Huxley

Petrie Museum

Katherine Roberts

Museo de Arqueología y Antropología UNMSM

Katia Salas

Swansea’s Egypt Centre

Dulcie Engel

Remembering Howard Carter at Swaffham Museum

Dulcie Engel

Museum of the Vanished: the Archaeological Museum and Culture

Helen Pugh

The Chesterholm Museum and Vindolanda

Niamh Banner

Tarapacá Museum and Geoglyphs of Chile

Norman Sung

These are a few of my favourite things: Avebury Stone Circle

Seren Kitchener

The Dinosaur Discovery Museum

Evan Johnson-Ransom

The Roman Fortress of Isca – Caerleon, Wales

Dave Branfield

The Regional Archaeological Museum Antonio Salinas

Ronnais Lloyd

If Julius Caesar had had an Embassy in North America, it would have been in Chillicothe!

Francesca Gottardi

El Tajín

Sam Holley-Kline

Museum of Amber Colti

Vlad Zamfira

Wroxeter Roman City

Anne Hardy

The Pachacamac Archaeological Sanctuary and Site Museum

Angélica Isa

Machu Picchu

Chantelle Bryant

A Border Story: Cologne’s Roman-Germanic Museum

Jasper Heathcoat-Beech

Volubilis – an Outdoor Mosaic Museum

Heather Daveno

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Lobna Samy

The Open-Air Museum at Kom El-Dikka, Alexandria

Lobna Samy

A stroll through Roman Lisbon

Elisa Fulgenzi

Lindholm Høje

Lynne Christensen

Jórvík Centre – Stepping Back into the Viking Age

Helen Harman

Museo Egizio

Madalyn Grant

A Descent into the true heart of Paris – the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame de Paris

Mike Pole

City Wall at Vine Street A New Mini-Museum about London’s History

Caroline Lawrence

Marathon: The Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods and the Archaeological Museum

Thomas Alexander Husøy and Olivia Ciaccia

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Keith Bonfield

Small Wonder: The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

Jasper Heathcoat-Beech

Papyrus Museum

Dulcie Engel

The City Wall at Vine Street

Martyn Whittock