This category is for museums that acquire and display a collection or collections that don't fit in any one category.

Surrey Museums Partnership

Emma Warren

Sir John Soane's Museum

Laura Davey

National Museum Scotland

Dr. Callum Watson

Sir John Soane Museum

Giles MacDonogh

Pitt Rivers Museum

Emily Friesen

Derwent Pencil Museum, To put a finer point on it

Rachel Moss

Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and Gardens

Abigail Hunt

The Wallace Collection

Lynda Waterhouse

Bolton Museum

Stephanie Whitehead

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Liz Stewart

Meet Kings and Queens Right Here in the USA

Carol Ann Lloyd-Stanger

Museo Interactivo de la Música de Málaga

Sarah Cowie

The Autry Museum: Mass Incarceration in the American West

Dawn A. Dennis

Castello D’Albertis Museum of World Cultures – Museo delle Culture del Mondo

Irene Calvi

The Wellcome Collection

Helen Piel

South Bay

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