This category is for museums that acquire and display a collection or collections that don't fit in any one category.

Surrey Museums Partnership

Emma Warren

Sir John Soane's Museum

Laura Davey

National Museum Scotland

Dr. Callum Watson

Sir John Soane Museum

Giles MacDonogh

Pitt Rivers Museum

Emily Friesen

Derwent Pencil Museum, To put a finer point on it

Rachel Moss

Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and Gardens

Abigail Hunt

The Wallace Collection

Lynda Waterhouse

Bolton Museum

Stephanie Whitehead

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Liz Stewart

Meet Kings and Queens Right Here in the USA

Carol Ann Lloyd-Stanger

Museo Interactivo de la Música de Málaga

Sarah Cowie

The Autry Museum: Mass Incarceration in the American West

Dawn A. Dennis

Castello D’Albertis Museum of World Cultures – Museo delle Culture del Mondo

Irene Calvi

The Wellcome Collection

Helen Piel

South Bay

Scribus Gerentium

Iziko South African Museum

Kym Abrams

Melbourne Museum

Lee-Anne Raymond

The Foundling Museum

Olivia Richardson

Whitby Museum

Dilara Scholz

Museum Buddy - Peace museum & Horsham Museum and Art Gallery

Sebastian Mckerracher

Annan Museum

Stuart Gibbs

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Isabella Rosner

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Lizzie Rogers

Cat Museum at Lnare Chateau

Tracy A. Burns

Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon

Tim Hasker

The Charles Dickens Museum

Maria Ogborn

Lobkowicz Museum at Prague Castle

Tracy A. Burns

Pollock's Toy Museum

Julia Westerman

A Treasure of the National Gallery: The Wilton Diptych, Richard II and Late Medieval Kingship

Daniella Marie Gonzalez

The Hunterian Museum

Wei Ai Ng

Egyptian & Rosicrucian Museum, Brazil – an Astounding Tour

Ana Carolina Moretto

The Little Museum of Dublin

Lena Frain-Atallah

A Showcase of Heritage and History: Leeds City Museum

Steph Bennett

National Museums of Ireland

Hannah Mac Auliffe

The Great North Museum

Fiona Sime

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Beth Arscott

The Chau Chak Wing Museum in Sydney, Australia

Alex Burchmore

The Wellcome Collection

Katie Davies

Ashford Museum

Peter Stiffell

Sir John Soane Museum

Anne Hardy

Dennis Severs’ House

Pamela Koehne-Drube

Paisley Museum: Keeping History Alive

Steven Veerapen

‘You have my heart / Tho’ wee must part’: A visit to The Foundling Museum

Lea Stone

Britain’s Replica of the Bayeux Tapestry

Jo Romero

Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), London

David Dennis

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Eva Goldstein-Moore

Mariposa Museum

Grant Hayter-Menzies

Musical Instruments Museum Brussels

Kathleen Van Lierop

The Gulbenkian Museum

Dulcie Engel

Feminine Power exhibited at the British Museum

Olivia Ciaccia

Time Travel through the French Monuments Museum in Paris

Carolyn Whitson

Henry Plant Museum

Lindsay Huban

One last visit of Canterbury Museum for old times’ sake

Darren Cottam

The David Collection: A place of beauty and tranquillity in Copenhagen

Wendy Gray

The Writers’ Museum

Lesley Kelly

Wisbech and Fenland Museum

Tabitha Stanmore

The Ruskin Museum

Evelyn Marsh

St Agatha's Museum, Rabat, Malta. A personal memoire

Sebastian Mckerracher

A Tapestry Tale: Harold and Hastings at Reading Museum

Jasper Heathcoat-Beech

Exhibits at Museum of Czech Literature give dynamic overview

Tracy A. Burns

Brora Heritage Centre – History in the Highlands

Helen Harman

The Beacon Museum

Richard M. Jones

Bolton Museum and Art Gallery

Hazel Mcguinness

The Salisbury Museum

Emma Heard

Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) Vienna: Ancient Egypt Galleries

Dulcie Engel

The Palace of Culture

Paige Worrall

The Fan Museum

Lea Stone

National Museum of Korea

Clifford Pereira FRGS

Exploring the British Museum: A Journey Through Time, Memory, and Cultures

Sarah Agnew

New England Carousel Museum

Abigail Epplett

The Verniverse – The Life and Times of Jules Verne

Heather Daveno

Cooling off with Automatons in France

Heather Daveno

The Museu de la Música de Barcelona

Maria Robertson

A Collector of Saintes – The Dupuy Mestreau Museum

Heather Daveno

Central Museum, Southend on Sea

Patricia Tyler

Amgueddfa Sir Gâr/ Carmarthenshire Museum – a hidden gem!

Jenna-Marie Heard

Getting Schooled at Carcassonne

Heather Daveno

The Unique National Museum of Maps and Old Books

Patricia Furstenberg