The industry category covers any museum that represents a specific industry - the making of a specific type of item.

Speedwell Cavern

Will Parkinson

The Museum of the Door

Fiona Mann

The Metal Museum

Olivia Knauss

LWL Industry Museum “Henrichshütte”

Marc Schultz

Industrilandskapet of Norrköping: the Manchester of Sweden

Rowdy Geirsson

Museum of Industry

James Hires

Axminster Heritage Centre

Rebecca Green

Lowell National Historical Park: Blueprint of the American Industrial Revolution

Rowdy Geirsson

Goldfield Mining Centre

Amy-Lee Haynes

Derwent Pencil Museum. Keswick

Dave Branfield

Museum Plantin-Moretus

Kathleen Van Lierop

Museum of Work and Culture

Abigail Epplett

DIVA museum

Kathleen Van Lierop

Museum of Making

Ellie King

Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park

Abigail Epplett