The industry category covers any museum that represents a specific industry - the making of a specific type of item.

Speedwell Cavern

Will Parkinson

The Museum of the Door

Fiona Mann

The Metal Museum

Olivia Knauss

LWL Industry Museum “Henrichshütte”

Marc Schultz

Industrilandskapet of Norrköping: the Manchester of Sweden

Rowdy Geirsson

Museum of Industry

James Hires

Axminster Heritage Centre

Rebecca Green

Lowell National Historical Park: Blueprint of the American Industrial Revolution

Rowdy Geirsson

Goldfield Mining Centre

Amy-Lee Haynes

Derwent Pencil Museum. Keswick

Dave Branfield

Museum Plantin-Moretus

Kathleen Van Lierop

Museum of Work and Culture

Abigail Epplett

DIVA museum

Kathleen Van Lierop

Museum of Making

Ellie King

Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park

Abigail Epplett

Apedale Heritage Centre

Annabel Polles