The Maritime category covers museums or site regarding ships, boats, ports, etc

Canadian Canoe Museum

Peter Fortune

Titanic Museum

Mackenzie Brash

S.S. Keewatin

Tyler Boswell

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Darren White

Cobh Museum

Steve R Dunn

The Notorious: Visit a Real-life Pirate Ship

Emma Lombard

Quaco Museum

Caitlin Anderson

MAS Museum

John McKerracher

Warship and Marine Corps Museum

Clifford Pereira FRGS

Welcome aboard the NC Maritime Museum at Southport

Katy Menne

The Mary Rose

Kate Shuttleworth

The Old Dock

David Hearn

Canada Boulevard and the Pier Head area Liverpool Waterfront

David Hearn

North Carolina Maritime Museum

Megan Dohm

The Galata Museo del Mare

Heather Daveno

An Afternoon at the Lanterna

Heather Daveno