Pop Culture

This category is to cover any museums that cover popular culture.

Game of Thrones – Touring Exhibition

Asma Al Jailani

Le Musée d'Edith Piaf

Marie Noelle Benifla

Sainsbury’s Pop-Up Museum

Chloe Phillips-Bartlett

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Margie Miklas

The Museum of Broken Relationships

Francesca Killoran

The Coventry Music Museum

Megan Sweeney

Making Magic: The Importance of Music Venues

Paige Worrall

Marauding monsters and mythical odysseys, Ray Harryhausen’s animations are telling visions of their time

Jelena Sofronijevic

Lyon’s Musée Miniature et Cinéma

Lydia Ayame Hiraide

Ghost Stories from The Roald Dahl Museum

Holly Burrows

Handel & Hendrix in London

Beth Arscott

The Cartoon Museum

Stuart Hobley

What Lies Behind the Tolkien Door: Fact and Fiction in Stow-on-the-Wold

Kinga Lewandowska

Tracking Down the Queen of Crime at Wallingford Museum

Jasper Heathcoat-Beech

Atlas Film Studio

Heather Daveno

Werich Villa exhibition

Sebastian Mckerracher