Vlad Zamfira

Vlad Zamfira (Masters of Arts in Archaeology & History and Certificate of Postgraduate research in History at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland) is a historian and podcaster interested mainly in the History of the 16th century Mediterranean with particular focus to Venetian, Ottoman and Spanish relations during the period between 1559-1581 and the Fourth Ottoman-Venetian War of Cyprus. Also with a keen interest in the history of the Eighty & Thirty Years' Wars; Scottish and European History as whole.

Peles Castle

Citadel of Gozo

Iulia Hasdeu Castle

The Heraldic Roof of St Machar’s Cathedral in Aberdeen, a 16th century Tableau of the Church, Scotland and Europe.

The history of St. Giles Cathedral/Kirk with illustrations from the Stained Glassware - Part 1

The History of St. Giles’ Cathedral - Part 2

Museum of Amber Colti

Surgeons’ Hall Museums

Scottish National Portrait Gallery - Part 1

Scottish National Portrait Gallery - Part 2 The Early Modern Section

Glasgow Necropolis

Slanic Prahova Salt Mine Museum