Danae Dholakia

Danae has been a Minister Counsellor at the British Embassy to China since October 2018. Her role includes engagement with China on Energy and Climate Change, Health, Science and Technology, and provincially/locally, through a brilliant team of outreach officers based all over China. Prior to that, Danae was the UK’s Special Envoy to the Great Lakes of Africa and Head of the Southern and Central Africa Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. During her 20 year diplomatic career, she has also worked in Pretoria, on Eastern Europe and Central Asia, on counter-terrorism, on NATO, on the EU, and on UN and environmental issues. Before becoming a diplomat, Danae worked in the NGO sector in Africa for seven years. Danae is an inclusion and diversity champion with a particular interest in gender. She speaks Mandarin and is fascinated by Chinese history and culture.

You can follow her on twitter at @danaedholakia.

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