This Ledwidge museum

Irish World War 1 poet - Francis Ledwidge (1887-1917).

A Soldier's Grave

Then in the lull of midnight, gentle arms

Lifted him slowly down the slopes of death

Lest he should hear again the mad alarms

Of battle, dying moans, and painful breath.

And where the earth was soft for flowers we made

A grave for him that he might better rest.

So, Spring shall come and leave it seet arrayed,

And there the lark shall turn her dewy nest.

- by Francis Ledwidge

This Ledwidge museum is probably the smallest I've ever been in. It's hard to believe that two people could live here never mind adding nine children (see bedroom photo).

PHOTOGRAPH BY Priory Studios

Francis Ledwidge was born in this cottage in Slane, County Meath, Ireland. He was what's referred to in Irish slang as 'a messer'. Someone who doesn't take life too serious. He had several jobs but all were short lived. Including one at Slane Castle (see photo). He was sacked for wiping out the guests dinner menu and writing "Pigs Trotters & Cabbage".

Slane Castle
PHOTOGRAPH BY Priory Studios

Ledwidge was heart-broken when the love of his life Ellie Vaughey married another man. This may have played a part in him joining the British Army. He initially joined the 5th Battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in 1914 and was promoted to lance corporal In 1915. He was demoted for being drunk in uniform and for taking an extended holiday. However, he regained his stripes when he was posted to the front with the 1st Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

He was killed in the Battle of Passchendaele just two weeks short of his 30th birthday.

Ledwidge was selected as the only Irishman among the top twelve WW1 poets.

Add other photos attached - his glasses, his photo, the plaque, the monument which is a replica of his monument in Ieper, Belgium. His mural in Slane village, his fireplace and kitchen dresser. And a brick from a local farm where he wrote a poem.

Ledwidge's glasses
PHOTOGRAPH BY Priory Studios
Francis Ledwidge
PHOTOGRAPH BY Bain Collection
PHOTOGRAPH BY Priory Studios
The monument is a replica of his monument in Ieper, Belgium
PHOTOGRAPH BY Priory Studios
Mural of Ledwidge
PHOTOGRAPH BY Priory Studios
His fireplace and kitchen dresser
PHOTOGRAPH BY Priory Studios
A brick from a local farm where he wrote a poem
PHOTOGRAPH BY Priory Studios

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