The Otto-Lilienthal Center

It was in 1893 to be 1896 when German aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal carried out his groundbreaking glider flight experiments on the Gollenberg near Stölln in Germany. It is therefore no overstatement to point out that Stölln, still an active glider field, is the world's oldest airstrip.

Interior view of the cockpit of Lady Agnes

Today a large sculpture on the Gollenberg, in the form of a wind harp on the top of the mountain, and a memorial stone at Lilienthal's crash site commemorate the famous aviation pioneer, who died as a result of a crash landing in his self built glider on August 10th, 1896. At the foot of the mountain, "Lady Agnes" can be visited. The Ilyushin Il-62 airliner, formerly operated by East German state airline Interflug, is named after Lilienthal's wife and serves today as an exhibition venue and registry office. It has become an attractive visitor magnet since its spectacular landing on the runway of the Stöllner glider airfield in 1989. Quite close to the IL-62 lies the Lilienthal-Center Stölln, a small museum which provides plenty of information about the life and work of Otto Lilienthal. "Lady Agnes" is equally on display and can be visited by the public. For more information and the museum's opening hours look for

Lady Agnes side view

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Marc Schultz

Marc is based in Wuppertal in the western part of Germany and works as a specialist for business information in Cologne. As a former private pilot Marc has flown light-aircraft for more than 30 years. So it It is quite obvious that he still has a strong interest in things with wings and is frequent visitor to European aviation museums. After retiring from active flying Marc concentrated on photography and had been accepted as a member of the International Society for Aviation Photography - ISAP. He is a regular contributor to aviation magazines and calender-productions. His work is presented on