LWL Industry Museum “Henrichshütte”

Germany’s industrial heritage is a fascinating playground for the museum enthusiast. Among the hotspots in the mid-western part of the country is the “The Route of Industrial Heritage” (Route der Industriekultur), a project of the local Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR). Route der Industriekultur is a themed tourist road that connects the "most important and most attractive" industrial monuments of the Ruhr area (Ruhrgebiet). One of the Route’s major attractions is located in the town of Hattingen, a rather small town between the larger cities of Essen and Bochum. 

A rather colorful night-scenery of Hochofen No. 3
A retired shunting engine on the museum grounds, one of several freight trains on display at the museum
 Long connecting tunnels can be explored close to Hochofen No.3

The “Henrichshütte”, a former ironwork, was founded in 1854 and is a now home to an industrial museum. The place is named after Count Henrich of Stolberg-Wernigerode (1772-1854). This name was suggested by the ironworks first director Carl Roth. Henrichshütte was a traditional iron and steelworks in the Ruhr area, known for its high-quality stainless steel production. Today, visitors can follow the “Path of the Iron” (Weg des Eisens) which also leads to the top of “Hochofen 3”. This blast furnace, which stands at an incredible height of 55 metres above ground level, offers a stunning view of the surrounding area, also including the Ruhr valley and the rest of the ironworks site. During its operational period from 1854 to 1987 around 10,000 iron-workers had worked at the industrial plant. Activities included the production of iron, steel and coke as well as the processing of metal. The city's last blast furnace closed in 1987. Today, “Hochofen 3” is certainly the major showpiece of the site. The museum offers a lot of interesting activities, ranging from guided tours and lectures from former steel-workers to night-shooting events for photographers. The shots in this article had actually been taken during such a night-shooting. For more information about “Henrichshütte” visit the museum’s official website under https://www.lwl.org/industriemuseum/standorte/henrichshuette-hattingen/

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Marc Schultz

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